Tutorials - Handling Underground Water Streams

In my opinion, underground water streams are the main reason for a low energy level in a house. Water can run as close as 1 meter from the surface, as common in Europe, to 350 meters deep and perhaps more. In certain places in Europe, one only needs to dig 3 to 4 meters and voila! Water is pumped out.
In Israel most streams are at a level of 50 to 350 meters below the surface. Still they affect us.

Why do streams bother our health? Taking streams flowing underground at a speed of more than 3 km/hr, the following phenomena occur:

  1. A positive vertical electric field is created above the stream.
  2. There is also a DC-generated, magnetic field.
  3. The river flow generates radio frequency (RF) in the MHz range.
  4. The sides (margins) of the river are about six cm wide. This is where most energy is concentrated.
  5. The very middle of the river is also six cm wide.
  6. Gamma rays from the cosmos are normally absorbed by sandy soil and dry earth. When encountering an underground stream or wet clay, the rays are reflected back up, to us.
  7. Gamma radiation from the earth is increased. The gamma rays have an ionizing effect, causing an increase in free radicals. Free radicals cause changes in cell structure.
  8. Infrared radiation is increased.

Locating Underground Streams

In order to neutralize the negative effects of an underground stream, one must approach it from both ends of the property or house.
Streams are identified using dowsing rods (L or Y rods). Start on one side of the property. When looking for water, one can walk fast, as the change in magnetic field is greater than with geopathic lines. Once discovered, the dowser returns over the area and identifies the first bank of the stream. This location is marked.
Then, coming from the opposite end, the second bank is identified and marked.
This is repeated for the second end of the property.

Blocking the Energy

Measure the distance between markers and locate the center. Drive a 40 to 50 cm steel rod (about 10 mm dia.) at the center of the stream. The rod is inserted 2 to 3 cm below ground. This action shorts out the energy between the ground layers and neutralizes negative energy between the rods. I have seen the energy of a house go up (on the Bovis scale), as the rod was being inserted.

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