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Working with Nature

Thirteen thousand years ago, Atlantis sunk into the abyss of the ocean. With it, sank man's consciousness.
Part of the reason given for the fall of Atlantis was the abuse of Nature Spirits. In the ancient days, there was close cooperation between man and the forces of Nature, and those forces used to comply to just about any request made by the Atlanteans. Thus, the use, over use and abuse.

Only recently was the connection remade between the two parties. Today, anyone can request and cooperate with the forces of nature, in order to clear negative energies. It's true and it works. I do it all the time. How and what do we do?

The Negative Parameters

Negative parameters are categorized into two areas: those which can be dealt physically and those which can only be taken care of spiritually.

Physical Treatment

Specifically, about the physical treatment of pathogenic electromagnetic networks (Hartmann and Curry): those can be handled by blocking the lines individually, as they enter the property (Physical Blocking of Geopathic Lines). I do this sometimes, in special cases and for limited locations, but usually I ask Nature to convert the lines from negative to positive.
Also, underground water can be taken care of by physical means (Handling Underground Water Streams), by neutralizing each stream, one at a time. The effect is instantaneous and amazing.

Spiritual Handling

Looking at a long list of negative parameters which we usually check during a house clearing, we have:
Pathogenic networks: Hartmann, Curry, Wissman, etc...
Green energy: caused by all of the electronic equipment in the house.
Black energy: the spooky stuff (voodoo, black magic, curses...).
Spiritual energy: anger, jealousy, hate.
Trapped spirits: someone in your house that does not belong there.
Electromagnetic energy: from power transformers.
Energy in walls: walls collect all energy, negative and positive.
    and others....

The Negative Parameters

The above are handled by a ceremony which calls upon noble and good entities, angels and the world of nature spirits and the elements. The ceremony includes a number of steps:

  • Calling a number of entities (angels, mother Earth, etc...)
  • Gathering of all negative energies and sending them up and away
  • Having pathogenic lines transformed from negative to positive
  • Clearing the space above the property
  • Releasing all trapped spirits
  • Thanking all.

Forces of Nature

There are two types of Nature forces:

Devas: these are architects of Nature. They supervise the workers of nature, the form builders, known as the Elementals. Devas appear at all levels. They are intelligent energy. Thus, we can have a Deva for an apartment, another Deva for the entire building, one for the neighborhood and one for the whole city.
Elementals: Elementals are the intelligent essence of consciousness, working with the physical side of Nature (such as seeds, eggs, etc..), in order to have all living things develop.

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