Mission: Mother Earth - Peace through Geobiology

"Geobiology does for the Earth’s energy grid what acupuncture does for your body’s energy meridians"

Mission: Mother EarthAncient peoples understood and worked with Earth energies, which is why sacred sites were placed in certain locations. Cathedrals were also built on top of many of these sites. Geobiologists like Richard Benishai are working to reconnect these essential energy systems in order to heal local areas and in turn—the planet.

From the “Family”:
“…know that by reading and understanding this material, you will increase your awareness and raise the collective consciousness. Bless you!”

Richard Benishai was an unlikely candidate to become a Geobiologist because he came from an electrical-engineering background and believed fully in the material world. However, his life changed after receiving a hands-on healing for a persistent and severe headache. To him, this healing was a miracle, and his mind “opened up.” He was then clearly guided into a life of research, mystics, energies, off-planet collaborators, and the invisible world of Geobiology.

Mission: Mother Earth is the true account of an unusual collaboration between a group of entities referred to as “The Family” and channeled by a man named Gèéma, and the author. Under the guidance of the “Family” Benishai was given the mission to identify, detect and activate 18 highly energetic geographic points in Israel, in order to connect them into a major energy artery of the Planet.
Some of these sites were renowned as ancient, religious locations, while others were simply forgotten in the middle of nowhere. When viewed together, these sites line up along a straight line across Israel from Damascus to Egypt.
Individually, these sites form many different symbols of sacred geometry.

The activation of these sites was intended several thousand years ago to clean the Earth’s noosphere of negative energy, raise the energy level for Israel and neighboring countries, and trigger a quantum leap in human consciousness. With others working similarly around the world, the “Family” has promised an era of peace and harmony.


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