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Seed of Life, in twisted copper, gold plated (33.5 cm diameter); stones are 7 amethysts.

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Beautiful looking, the combination of seven rings provide more positive energy than seven individual rings. The rings are made of copper, silver-plated, then gold-plated. The circumference of each ring is exactly one cubit (the Cubit is an ancient measure used for building the pyramids and laying out the town of Jerusalem). Their diameter is about 17 cm.
The Seed of Life is a functional art form, based on the principle of: sacred geometry; superconductivity and harmonic frequencies of light.


The Seed of Life
The seed of life is the first 7 circles of the 19 circles representing the flower of life, recognized worldwide, and used by ancient civilizations. The flower of life is the foundation of sacred geometry, the origin of all languages, mathematics, solids and forms known and unknown in the universe.
In the Kabala, the tree of life is positioned exactly on the seed of life, which indicates that it is not of human but of Divine origin. The seed of life (SOL) represents the first movement of Creative Spirit that used to create material universes, such as that created in the seven days of Genesis. The SOL is one of the most basic and sacred sources of all living matter.
The visualization of the seed of life stimulates our pineal gland. Its geometry awakens ancient memories of our Divine origins.
The seed of life also has the properties to enhance vital energies known as CHI, and to purify negative energies and sounds.

Your Divine Origin via Meditation
Concentrate on your seed of life for at least five minutes, while developing the idea that except for your own divinity, everything else is an illusion. Nothing is important and all that happens is for the best and according to the Divine Plan. Whatever your beliefs, you are safe, you are safe.
Sit with your back straight, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and concentrate on your breathing. After a few minutes, your breathing rate will have slowed down and you will feel calmer and serene. Feel your haven of peace within, where your real security lies, and then ask for it, and claim it. You may feel fear, a normal reaction. Allow the fear to leave you. It may take time to finalize this step.
Once you feel safe (and not before), ask your higher self to help remind you who you really are. Pay attention to your dreams, to what others say about your origins, and to life's messages.

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Product: Seed of Life
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