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Pendulums can be used for regular dowsing. There are however some pendulums, with specific properties as follows:

Isis, Osiris, Karnak - The designs of these Egyptian pendulums were found in the pyramids. They are excellent for energy healing.

Mer-Isis and Spiral are also very effective energy healing pendulums. Mer-Isis is one of the most powerful and effective pendulums ever made. It can be successfully used in energy healing and Chromotherapy (color therapy).

Basic is for every day dowsing.

Mermet and Double Mermet are perfect searching tools. They all have a room for a witness.

Super Isis Brass (60mm; 31g)

Super Isis This is the pendulum I use. It feels comfortable and looks nice. It has the similar shape to that of the Tree of Life, used by the Egyptians. Isis was a major divinity. She was very positive in nature, a protective goddess. When checking the color emitted by this pendulum, we obtain white. This color includes all other colors and as such, one can visualize any other color and mentally request the specific color. Great for healers who are called upon to work on chakras. Simply rotate this pendulum CW or CCW to add or remove energy from a particular chakra.

I use the Super Isis to work on house plans or for general- purpose measurements on any graphs. Very sensitive, it is terrific for new students.

Product: Super Isis Pendulum
Price: 50 USD $

Karnak Large (70mm; 40g)

Karnak Large This form of pendulum is sometimes referred to as The Egyptian pendulum. Its pleasant curvature generates a high energy level. I find it very useful when it is necessary to pin point a location on a map, due to its sharp point. The name is taken after a location in the Valley of the Kings, next to the Luxor temple.

The weight of the Karnak pendulum does not allow it to swing even in high winds.

Product: Karnak Pendulum
Price: 50 USD ($)

Basic Tear Drop (28mm; 17g)

Basic Tear Drop For those who need a no-frills pendulum, this lightweight packs a punch. This is a general-purpose, but less sensitive pendulum.

Product: Basic Tear Drop Pendulum
Price: 28 USD ($)

Mer-Isis Large (44mm; 70g)

Mer-Isis Large This one looks great. It is recommended for short time spans of use, due to its weight. It is a combination of two well-known pendulum forms: the Super Isis (top section) and the Mermet (bottom half). An attractive and impressive pendulum.

Product: Mer-Isis Pendulum
Price: 98 USD ($)

Mermet (26mm; 48g), Double Mermet (42mm; 34g)

  The sphere is a basic form, having feminine characteristics. It is named after a priest, referred to as one of the fathers of radiesthesia, Abb Mermet. The basic design has a large top that unscrews to reveal a large witness chamber. Place inside the chamber, any material or a folded picture of a missing person. The witness is very useful in searches.



Double Mermet

Product: Mermet Pendulum
Price: 53 USD ($)

Product: Double Mermet Pendulum
Price: 42 USD ($)

Osiris Large (44mm; 70g)

Osiris This pendulum generates negative green energy! It is not sold to the general public. Only experienced dowsers can acquire it. It is to be dismantled or wrapped in metal foil, unless it is used. The basic form was researched by Belizal and Chaumery, who studied form and associated colors. Osiris is once again taken from Egyptian ancient history.

Product: Osiris Pendulum
Price: 45 USD $()

Large Spiral (65mm; 27g)

Spiral Pendulum The spiral has no beginning and no end. This form gives the pendulum a high sensitivity for any type of search. The sharp point is useful for locating on a map.

Product: Spiral Pendulum
Price: 40 USD($)

Nove (25 mm; 28 g)

Nove The Nove with its four parallel plates create an amplifier making it sensitive and selective. Its basic form has some resemblance to a sphere. Suitable for any type of work.

Product: Nove Pendulum
Price: 42 USD ($)


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