Courses - Geobiology in churches

This course is for people who have a basic knowledge of Geobiology (such as Basic Workshop - A new approach to Geobiology).

Places of prayer and meditation, some churches are more than works of art. How have these buildings become places of extraordinary spirituality?
What is this invisible architecture and what energetic wonders are reserved for visitors?

How are dowsing and Geobiology serving the Christian faith?


Much of the techniques used by ancient builders are considered in this context.

I want to share in this way my knowledge and enthusiasm for these high-energy systems, located in these sacred places.


Day 1 :

  • The 6 steps in the construction of a cathedral
  • The birth of a cathedral
  • The Cathedral in the image of the universe
  • First stage: choice of site for construction
  • Second to fourth steps: connecting heaven - earth
  • Fifth stage: the physical construction (golden section, the cubit; forms and symbols; reversal of energy)
  • Visit a church nearby

Day 2 :

  • Study of the systems used in a church to raise energy
  • Application of mental faculties by the builders
  • How the energy was increased with the walls and columns
  • Another visit to a different church
  • The sixth step: the consecration
  • Visit a third church
  • Practical work on an old technique

The necessary tools (telescopic antennas and pendulum) will be available to you throughout the course.
During the training, complete documentation covering all topics will be given, including graphic materials for analysis.

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