Courses - In-depth Geobiology

The number of attendees in this course is limited to 10 persons maximum (to insure a quality teaching/learning relationship). In Israel, the course is given during the week, in the early afternoon. Some of the training requires traveling to remote locations and may be done during Friday. 

Dowsing tools (telescopic L-rods and a brass pendulum) are provided for the duration  of the course. Course documents a set of graphs are also supplied to each student.

Course Description

  • Basis of Geobiology (level 1)
    • History of Geobiology, its current developments, its areas of activity.
    • Dowsing tools (dowsing rods, pendulums, scales and graphs).
    • Sensitivity to radiesthesia (exercises and use of tools).
    • Searching for faults and underground water.
    • Sweeping an area.
    • The pendulum, polarity studies.
    • Establishing a vibration level.
    • Man and his energy bubble.
    • Dowsing instructions for protecting yourselves.
    • Looking for water, measuring depth and water quantity.

  • Basis of Geobiology (level 2)
    • Cosmos/telluric vortexes.
    • The C/T balance.
    • The Belizal spectrum, the energy colors.
    • The concept of energy quantity / quality.
    • Hartmann and Curry networks.
    • Traditional methods of correcting and current methods.
    • Faults and cavities.
    • Taking energy measurements and analyzing results.
    • Approaches for corrections.

  • Purification of Psychic Space
    • Different types of psychic disturbances: memories of the place, entities, black magic, thought forms, ... .
    • Energetic protection: stones programming, mental bubbles, herbal treatment, ... .
    • Detection methods: precautions, work graphs, visualization, feeling the energy, ... .
    • Clearing process: the elements involved, the steps to follow, calling on entities for help, ... .
    • The Bio-Harmony unit: its form, its effects on the environment.

  • Form Waves and the Home
    • Energy in forms
    • Principles behind form waves: sharp points and angles, psi effect, action on the environment.
    • The Belizal spectrum and the spectro analysis of forms.
    • Polarity in all forms.
    • Perfect forms: platonic solids.
    • The golden section.
    • The form influences objects.
    • Forms and volumes.
    • Measurements (cubit, golden number,...)
    • Microwaves and home construction.

  • Geobiologic Studies
    • Study of a home
    • Study of an office
    • Study of a field to locate a home
    • Major geobiologic problems in dwellings.
    • Electromagnetic pollution (detection and protection / bio-electricity).

During the course there will be two trips to hi-energy locations. Students will be able to "map" the area and study the construction concepts used in ancient times, the thinking and the application of known principles.


Numerous control tests will be given during and at completion of the course. The testing will check the capability of each individual to overcome most of the difficulties encountered during dowsing searches. Each student will be required to run a complete energy mapping of his home, apartment or property and to perform an analysis of the problems encountered. A report will be handed, listing the corrections suggested.

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