The Seven Hills

by Richard Benishai

How did I arrive there ?

A few months ago, I looked for high-energy locations using a map and my pendulum.

I found two : the one near Alma, north of Tsafed and another one apparently nowhere, near Kibbutz Lachish.
I started to work on the first location and I finished the work there, although this site is yet to be documented. This article is about the second location, referred to as "Seven Hills".

Method of Detection

Once the general location was obtained on my map, I found a nearby town. With the help of Google Maps, I got an aerial picture of the area in question and, with the computer, I started enlarging the location. Each time I used the pendulum, until I started to see roads. Mind you, I had no idea where this place was except for the original starting point on my map, referred to as "Har Mandel Gad", closeby to Kibbutz Lachish (see Figure 1).

Figure 1 : Actual location of 7 hills - All rights reserved by the Survey of Israel © 2009 - Display rights with Survey of Israel permission.
Figure 1 : Actual location of 7 hills
All rights reserved by the Survey of Israel © 2009.
Survey of Israel

Detecting from my home

Before departing for the location, I worked on the aerial picture obtained from Google Maps. Using a pendulum, I discovered a number of points around the central or focal point, shown in Figure 2. These locations were all cosmo-telluric chimneys.

For more details about chimneys, please refer to our article : Chimneys and vortexes.

On this site, the chimneys are positive. The parameters, measured remotely from my home, are given as energy value (in Bovis) hereafter.

Chimney C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7
Million Bovis 2.3 2.1 2.0 2.2 1.9 2.3 2.1

Figure 2 : Location of the chimneys
Figure 2 : Location of the chimneys

First Trip

My first trip (on 25/10/08), took me in the general direction of Kyriat Gat and Kibbutz Lachish. Arriving in the general area, I followed the signs to Gad mountain, directly across the place I really needed. Driving around for a while, I came to the conclusion that I was lost. And then, it started raining.

I was about to give up when a car stopped nearby. I asked the driver (from Kibbutz Lachish) if he knew the place on my aerial picture. He did, being from the area. He took me there, under pouring rain. That was definitely help from above !

Once we arrived, there was not much I could do except to look around at the muddy field and adjoining hills. Taking an energy measurement where I parked, I got 2 million Bovis, an energy level equivalent to that found in cathedrals. I decided to return, on another day. On the way back I took pictures to show how to get there. The map in Figure 3 and Figures 4 and 5 may help in getting to the spot.

If you see the sign shown in Figure 6, then you have gone too far. Once you have taken the bumpy road, you will drive according to the map in Figure 3. You will arrive at a junction with a concrete pillar (Figure 7); turn there and continue straight until the red spot on the figure.

Figure 3 : How to get there
Figure 3 : How to get there

Figure 4 : Make a left turn here
Figure 4 : Make a left turn here
Figure 5 : Right across from the cow farm
Figure 5 : Right across from the cow farm
Figure 6 : Went too far, turn back
Figure 6 : Went too far, turn back
Figure 7 : Right turn at the concrete pillar
Figure 7 : Right turn at the concrete pillar

Back to the Seven Hills

On November 6, 2008, I returned with my friend who does spontaneous channeling while alert. Géèma (his channeling name) is also a geobiologist. Do I have to introduce him ? He has the special ability to see the invisible to the naked eye.

We looked for the chimneys, according to the research I had done on the aerial picture, starting with the one close to the road (C5, as shown in Figure 2). One by one we went to the locations shown on Figure 2, After C5, we did C4, then C6.

See Figures 8 through 11 for views of the locations. As, my friend Géèma received a message from his "Family". We were told that it was not necessary to locate and activate all chimneys. Once we had done chimney C2, all of the remaining ones would be activated. Talk about, getting a break !

So we went to do C2 and that was it. The measurements shown in Table 1, give the readings before and after the activation of the chimneys.

Table 1 : Parameters for Chimneys
Chimney C1*  C2 C3*  C4 C5 C6 C7* 
Bovis (million) 2.3 2.1 2.0 2.2 1.9 2.3 2.1
Diameter (m)   7.8   8.5 9.5 9.5  
Height (m)   80   80 90 75  
Depth (m)   40   35 40 30  
Color   UV   UV UV UV  
World   Spirit
Bovis (million) 9 8 10 8.7 8.4 8 13
Diameter (m)   17   19.5 24.9 20.2  
Height (m)   125   130 125 130  
Depth (m)   85   80 80 85  
Color   White   White White White  
World   Divine

Remarks: * Values estimated remotely from my home in Natanya

Some explanations on Table 1 : At each chimney location, I established the exact location of the center, then the diameter. The color of the chimneys was identical, so it appeared. Later on, we found out that each chimney has a separate color.

The parameter "world" has to do with the expression of the energy level in relation to the seven worlds around us. When dealing with any location, one can categorize that place within one of seven worlds. The worlds are:

  • Physical
  • Etheric
  • Astral
  • Mental
  • Causal
  • Spiritual
  • Divine

The Activation, means that I mentally activated the chimneys and right after took measurements. There is a distinct increase in all values, even to the point of doubling.

Figure 8 : Location of chimney C5
Figure 8 : Location of chimney C5

Figure 9 : Location of chimney C4
Figure 9 : Location of chimney C4

Figure 10 : Location of chimney C6
Figure 10 : Location of chimney C6

Figure 11 : Location of chimney C2
Figure 11 : Location of chimney C2

The channeling for the Seven Hills

Upon completion of the measurements, we left the immediate area and parked under a tree. Géèma started his channeling with his "Family" on the place we have just visited.

Here is the transcription :

"You are this day at the bottom of valley of the Seven Hills, an old, very old crater of a dormant volcano. The earth crust at this location is less than 4 km; you can imagine the natural advantages this region can have on the geothermal aspect.

Seven hills, seven chimneys…… why this number ? Each one of the chimneys has one of the colors of a rainbow. We cannot tell you the beauty of this site in our dimension! And in combining the seven colors we obtain White, the color you measured at each chimney.

Each one of the seven chimneys is connected via a ray originating from a planet [one of the seven planets in our solar system]. It will be easy for you to find out which ray comes from which planet. The seven rays when united form a big White ray connected to Sirius (1) .

Of all of the sites discovered until now, this one is of capital importance, since it is the source of all these healing energies that you have discovered or that you will discover.

This day, you yourselves have dwelled in these energies and you will benefits from their effects.

The day will come when we shall explain how to connect to other sites already found or to be found. This site is a central site and it is split and combined with seven other sites.

All this is very complex for you, but trust us and all will be explained and communicated in due time."

Based on this channeling, I took certain steps, defined hereafter.

The Seven chimneys

The analysis of the chimneys was done from my home using a pendulum and associated graphs. The first analysis was based on colors and planets, as we were told in the channeling :

Chimney Planet Rainbow Color
C1 Saturn Yellow
C2 Jupiter Orange
C3 Neptune Indigo
C4 Venus Green
C5 Uranus Red
C6 Mercury Blue
C7 Mars Violet

Next came the plotting of the links interconnecting the chimneys. The interconnections (X) are showed in Table 2, while Figure 12 is a graphic representation for the connecting links.

Table 2 : Chimney Interconnections

CCT / Connection C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7
C1   X X   X X X
C2 X     X      
C3 X     X X X X
C4   X X   X   X
C5 X   X X X    
C6 X   X   X    
C7 X   X X      

Figure 12 : Links between different chimneys
Figure 12 : Links between different chimneys

The third visit

On the 20th of December I returned to the Seven Hill site, with a friend. I had no idea why I was going there, but I went. I knew that once there, I would know what to do.

First thing while arriving there was to check out a few of the links between chimneys, as shown in Figure 12. I checked the energy level, the width and the location of three links, originating at chimney C5: C5 to C4; C5 to C3; C5 to C1.

The results were :

Link Energy Level Width
C5-C4 1.4 MB 1.30 m
C5- C3 600 kB 1 m
C5-C1 800 kB 1.10 m

I did not feel that this information was the reason I drove 1 1/2 hour to reach the location. I looked again at the aerial view (Figure 2) and checked out the central cross, the one that was unmarked. With the pendulum, I asked if this was the link to Sirius, as told in the channeling session. "Yes" is what I got for an answer. I started to walk toward what I thought was the location.

My friend was following me, a few meters behind. All of the sudden I heard : look at the "door".

- What "door"?

That "door", pointing to a tree

. Even if my friend is of Russian origin, her Hebrew is good enough to differentiate a tree from a door. I then understood that the tree was indeed a door, a door to Sirius.

Another hint from the "Family".

At the tree, I found a chimney of large proportions :

  • Diameter was 14 m
  • Energy level was 19 million Bovis
  • Height was 95 m
  • Depth was 65 m
  • Rise/fall time was 3.5 minutes
  • Rest time was one minute

This was indeed a big one! See Figure 13 for the tree. See how it is growing between huge stones.

Figure 13 : The 'door' to Sirius
Figure 13 : The "door" to Sirius

After a while, I said four words in an ancient language, while holding a branch of the tree. I checked again the energy level. Wow! It climbed to 25 millions. Unbelievable !

Then, to put the lid on the place, I activated the chimney mentally. The parameters went up :

  • Diameter was 28 m
  • Energy level went up to 30 million Bovis
  • Height was 170 m
  • Depth was 120 m

Now I knew why I had to come here today.

For the future

My next task here is to find out the seven auxiliary sites, tied into this one. A lot of work to be done.

Sirius (1) (Alpha Canis Majoris). Sirius is the luminary of the constellation Canis Major, the Greater Dog, which represents Orion's larger hunting dog, and as such is commonly referred to as the "Dog Star." Because of its brilliance, Sirius is the champion of all twinklers, the effect caused by variable refraction in the Earth's atmosphere.

The star is a white hydrogen-fusing dwarf with a temperature of 9880 Kelvin (10,153 Celsius), is bright in part because it is indeed rather luminous, 26 times more so than the Sun, but mostly because it is nearby, a mere 8.6 light years away, just double that of the closest star to the Earth (Alpha Centauri) and the fifth closest star system. We, as human beings, have a very close relation with Sirius. <<Back

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