Jerusalem activated

by Richard Benishai

Some things on this Earth can be seen, others not. Just because we cannot see them, that does not mean they do not exist. For example, I don’t believe that there is a single person on this planet that has not heard about ghosts. Our entire culture knows and talks about ghosts, in literature, in movie films and just about anywhere in the news media. Yet, the great majority of people have never seen one.

Back in March 2001, I had planned to increase the energy level in the old city of Jerusalem, with the help of some of my students, thereby bringing around an atmosphere of peace.
Based on a book by John Michell “The Temple at Jerusalem – a New Revelation”, I planned to perform harmonization ceremonies at several, selected locations in the old city.

In his book, Michell presents a layout of Jerusalem with two pentagrams superimposed over the plan of the old city.
In this layout, the various gates of the walls are located exactly on the points of the two pentagrams.
At each of these points, there would be a number of my students equipped with the necessary tools and artifacts to do a harmonization of the entire city. Just about that time, there was a problem in Jerusalem with the Intifada and the city was considered dangerous to approach. So all plans were dropped.

The city of Jerusalem was not part of the 18 sites in the energetic network I had activated. It just was not.
In August 2010, my friend Vardit and I spent a couple of days in Jerusalem, at the Scottish guest house, an ancient building overlooking the old city. I had with me John Michell’s book and all of my notes.
Under the shade of tall and shady trees, I started to do the work I had intended to accomplish, nine years previously. The old city was spread out on the drawing made by Michell.
On the plan I checked each of the eight points that were to be my targets several years ago, and each point had a chimney. The points to be activated were:

  • Damascus gate
  • Chapel of the flagellation
  • Tarik Rab el Madir
  • Place of the Jews
  • Saint Georges Convent
  • Greek Convent
  • Jaffa gate
  • Sephardic Synagogue
At the beginning of the procedure, each one of the above locations was at a level between 2 and 3 million Bovis.

Jerusalem activated

After activation, the levels ranged from 12 to 18 million Bovis. Worthwhile to note that the day prior to our arrival in Jerusalem, the old city was at 4 million Bovis.
After the activation, the old city went up to 29 million Bovis. At 10 o’clock that morning, I mentally connected the Sirius Gate at the Seven Hills site to a central point in the old city. The level shot up to 56 million Bovis.

The place where I was sitting in the guest house’s garden was at a level of 30,000 Bovis, the day prior to our arrival. After activation of the old city, this same spot climbed to 52,000 Bovis. The entire city of Jerusalem went from 30,000 Bovis on an average, to 40,000 Bovis.

As of this date (11/7/2011) the level for the entire city of Jerusalem, including the neighborhoods, is at 42,000 Bovis. The ancient city, without being connected to the Sirius Gate, has reached 34 million Bovis. With the connection, this level is up to 62 millions.

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