Chimneys and Vortexes

by Richard Benishai

Some things on this Earth can be seen, others not. Just because we cannot see them, that does not mean they do not exist. For example, I don’t believe that there is a single person on this planet that has not heard about ghosts. Our entire culture knows and talks about ghosts, in literature, in movie films and just about anywhere in the news media. Yet, the great majority of people have never seen one.

This article also refers to something that very few people are fortunate to see: chimneys and vortexes. By definition these two are living entities, unseen to the human eye, but sensed by many.


These entities can be either positive or negative. In my experience, in doing harmonization of properties and homes, I have always run across negative chimneys. On the other hand, in my research of high-energy places, I have discovered very positive chimneys. There is a general rule: positive places attract positive chimneys and vice-versa.

Where do they come from ?

I imagine that some have been around for tens and even hundreds of thousands of years, while others are more recent. Negative chimneys may even be created by a high negativity in someone's home or have been pulled there by the low energy level. Positive chimneys occur freely in nature and often in high-level places (places of religion or worship). They can be natural or they may have been created by man to serve a purpose. For example: in cathedrals we find recipients for holy water. I have verified that for those locations, there are some small but very energetic chimneys that have been placed there.

What do they look like ?

First, a chimney is detected by using tools or using one's hand. The tools can be a pendulum, or dowsing antennas. When touching the edge of a chimney one experiences a tingling sensation in the hands.

A chimney is a spiral which follows the golden number (1.618). This means that when locating the outside wall of the chimney, we observe a thickness of the wall, this thickness varying according to the overall diameter of the entity. Chimneys range from a few centimeters to 30 meters in diameter, as I have measured. Many say they have arms. I personally do not consider those arms in my work.

They have a height and a depth, in addition to a radius. They are not always round. Sometimes they have an elliptical shape.

What is their purpose ?

Some say that they are intended to clean the etheric envelop of the Earth, soiled by human conscience. Indeed man has and is continuing to spoil his environment on the physical and on the mental world. That is for the positive chimneys. What the negative chimneys do, I don’t know. One thing for sure, negative chimneys are not something one would want in his home. Their negativity can reach very high on the negative scale, lowering the energy level of a room, tremendously and making people sick. A negative chimney on a bed can cause at first insomnia, then later on, cancer. I know.

Additional characteristics

In a most recent class on Detailed Geobiology, held near Toulouse, France, I had a most unusual group of students. Unusual, because they were many of them who were extra-sensitive and even clairvoyant. Part of the studies involved chimneys and vortexes. The night before the start of the classes, I had dined in the restaurant, near the classroom and I had felt very bad. I had to leave the spot where I was sitting. The next day I checked and sure enough, there was a chimney at the very location where I had dined.

With the class, we moved the chimney outside and it was during this operation that a number of things were brought to light, during a discussion back in the classroom. We established a list of parameters for the chimney.


We could feel the chimney and one of us could partially see it. With dowsing rods we could all know its limit, its center. With a pendulum we can measure its rise/fall and rest times. For negative chimneys we feel out of place and under stress.


We all can communicate with a chimney.


It cooperates with us and follows our request, to the letter. During my courses I can teach how to do that.


When we measure the height, depth, diameter and vitality of a positive chimney, we obtain values which are more than doubled once the entity is activated.

Influence [of the place]

A chimney can influence a room and render it extremely negative to the point that no one can sleep there. A positive chimney, in a high-energy location, will bring a feeling of well being and even euphoria.


To explain the sensitivity of a chimney, I shall take the example last given. My clairvoyant student actually took the time to communicate with the chimney we all moved outside. Once moved, he confided that the sensation given off by the chimney was smoother, less coarse. Indeed, my student had expressed warm feelings and those were received by the entity which grew in size.


Somewhat similar to chimneys, vortexes have two spirals connected by a link. Basically, one spiral is positive, while the other is negative. Vortexes usually appear in nature or sometimes in cathedrals and churches.

Where do they come from ?

I have come across some very large vortexes, having a link of 350 m. I have seen smaller ones also. Those which have been created by man are in churches. The positive spiral is inside the building, while the negative spiral is somewhere outside in an open area.

What do they look like ?

A vortex looks like two chimneys, connected by an energy link. I have seen a vortex grow, up to 31 meters in diameter. This was in a special house, in Israel. The same configurations apply here as for chimneys: golden number, height, depth and size.

What is their purpose ?

Those created by man were used to bring a high level of energy at a specific spot in churches and synagogues, and even more ancient sacred places. To this end the positive spiral was located under the altar while the negative spiral was placed outside the building. With vortexes, levels much higher than those of chimneys could be attained. In nature, vortexes may serve a role similar to that of chimneys.

The illustrations below come from Stéphane Cardinaux, in the book "Géométries sacrées, Vol. I", and describe the shape of both entities :

Chimney, drawing from Stéphane Cardinaux, in Géométries sacrées, Vol. I

Chimney (courtesy of S. Cardinaux)
Vortex, drawing from Stéphane Cardinaux, in Géométries sacrées, Vol. I

Vortex (courtesy of S. Cardinaux)

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