The Kibbutz where People live very long

by Richard Benishai

Some Background

Kibbutz Nir-David (Tel - Amal), founded in 1936, is located in the Bet-Shean Valley, with the steep cliffs of Mt Gilboa to its south and Nazareth and Mt. Tabor, in the west.
The kibbutz's main income is from agricultural crops, orchards, turkeys and fish ponds, as well as from industrial products from its factory for self-adhesive and carbonless copy paper. There is also a metal factory for agricultural vehicles and tools.

First Contact with Nir David

During one of my trips to the Ivory Coast, a journalist from a local Israeli newspaper (Maariv) called me in Abidjan. Apparently, one of my former students and a member of the kibbutz, Yael Berkovich had mentioned my name to the journalist. He asked me why people lived so long in Nir David. It happens that an unusual large percentage of elders get to live to the ripe age, in the nineties (88 to 99). My immediate reply was: "Maybe there are no underground water streams under the kibbutz".
It is my general contention, based on my experience, that a major contributor to our health problems is the negative influence of underground streams, mostly due to Gamma rays.

The journalist then proceeded to write a long article on the subject of: "The kibbutz where people do not die". Upon my return to Israel, I made an analysis - from my home, in Kfar Saba - of the kibbutz based on an aerial picture taken from Digital Globe (internet).

Preliminary Investigation

As I usually do for houses, I checked a few energy parameters for the entire kibbutz. For details on the meaning and definition of these parameters, refer to Energy Parameters

Vibration level: 25 kB (25,000 Bovis units). This is comparable to a house or property after I have done an energetic blocking of the underground currents. Thus, it implies that there are no currents under the kibbutz?

Magnetic field: 90 %. This is almost perfect. Also correlates with the vibration level. This is also the value measured after the negative effects of the underground currents have been mentally blocked.

Vibration color: Blue. Again, the phase of the energy is magnetic and is blue. I obtain this value after the underground streams are neutralized. This is another parameter that reinforces my original thinking that there are no underground streams. Usually, when working on a home or office, the color vibration is always in the electric phase (negative effects) at the start. The phase transmutes to magnetic only once I mentally block the energy of the currents.

Cosmic/Telluric ratio: 10/10. This is the ratio of energy originating from cosmic space and also from the earth. This ratio must always be balanced, such as 4/4, 11/11, etc.. Underground water will upset the balance (3/6, 6/11, etc..).

Percentage of negative energy due to underground streams: 0%.

Every parameter coordinated with the others. The values speak for themselves: perhaps there are no underground streams in kibbutz Nir-David to cause illnesses.

Well, not really! This is against all logic, since there are underground streams everywhere on the planet, even under deserts.

There are underground streams, but there are also other elements which counteract the negative effects of the streams!

In-depth Analysis

Continuing my investigation, from Kfar Saba, I looked for cosmo-telluric chimneys. On the small aerial picture I downloaded from the internet, I found 3 chimneys. They are indicated by white spots on Figure 1. Chimneys are entities on the etheric plane, existing at a depth of 70 to 200 m (see Figure 2). On the astral plan, chimneys take part in the cleansing of the noosphere *1; they possess a collective consciousness to communicate among themselves and with man. Positive locations attract positive chimneys and vice-versa.
The energy in a chimney rises, stops and then falls. It is an exchange of energy between the Earth and the Skies. The planet is covered with thousands of such entities. Some are negative, others are positive.
In Nir-David, the chimneys are positive. The parameters, measured remotely from my home, are given as energy value (in Bovis), rise time, rest period and fall time, in Table 1.


[1] In the thought of Vladimir Vernadsky and Teilhard de Chardin, the noosphere can be seen as the "sphere of human thought" being derived from the Greek νούς ("nous") meaning "mind" + σφαίρα (sfaira) meaning "sphere", in the style of "atmosphere" and "biosphere". In the original theory of Vernadsky, the noosphere is the third in a succession of phases of development of the Earth, after the geosphere (inanimate matter) and the biosphere (biological life). Just as the emergence of life fundamentally transformed the geosphere, the emergence of human cognition fundamentally transforms the biosphere. In contrast to the conceptions of the Gaia theorists, or the promoters of cyberspace, Vernadsky's noosphere emerges at the point where humankind, through the mastery of nuclear processes, begins to create resources through the transmutation of elements.


Figure 1: Aerial view of Nir David

Table 1: Parameters for Chimneys

Chimney Reference

Energy Value

Rise Time (s)

Rest Period (s)

Fall Time (s)

















An Interesting Discovery

When examining the location of the chimneys on the map, we notice a triangular shape. The dimension between each location on the map is approximate and is given in cm.

From A to B = 9.0
From B to C = 10.5
From C to A = 14.2

The ratios between these dimensions are:

10.5/9.0 = 1.166
14.2/10.5 = 1.35
14.2/9/0 = 1.577

By comparing these values to known relationships of musical notes, we obtain some very close resemblances:

Re = 9/8 = 1.125 (I got 1.166)
Fa = 4/3 = 1.333 (I got 1.35)
Sol = 3/2 = 1.5 = (I got 1.577)


Figure 2: Representation of a chimney
(credit to S. Cardinaux)

The Trip to Nir David

On June 25, 2008, I went to Nir David with my friend who does spontaneous channeling while alert. Géèma (his channeling name) is also a geobiologist. He has the special ability to see the invisible to the naked eye. We arrived in the kibbutz and met Yael Berkovich, at her clinic. The night before our trip, I had checked the map and found a vortex. This singularity is somewhat close to a chimney, but with a positive spiral and a negative spiral. In Figure 1, the two spirals are indicated as V1 and V2. At the same time I checked the mid-point for the 3 chimneys, without making any measurements. After my visit to the kibbutz, I found that this mid-point is also a chimney with a very high energy level (4.5 million Bovis).
We (Yael, Géèma and I) went to the various places, indicated on Figure 1, to make validations, measurements and take pictures (shown at the end of this article). Here are the results of our investigation:

The 3 Chimneys
Refer to Figure 3 for the layout and particulars on these chimneys. The 3 chimneys, labeled A, B and C, are distributed in the form of a triangle. In the figure, the energy level (in Bovis) and the size of each are given as well. At the exact center of the configuration, there is a fourth chimney, which I located by intuition. Indeed, this fourth chimney concentrates the energy of each of the three and in addition it communicates with Kursi, near the Kineret. For details on Kursi, refer to the article: Kursi - National Park .

The communication link to Kursi and the parameters of the link are provided in Figure 3.

A Vortex!
While looking on the aerial picture (Figure 1), I searched for vortexes. A vortex is in the same category as chimneys, except that it consists of two spirals, connected one to the other with a link (see figure 4). Vortexes are also entities whose etheric appearance is that of two spirals connected. They always function as a pair and transfer the energy from one point to the other via an energetic link. A cut-away view of a spiral is shown in Figure 5.
Indeed there is a vortex, whose two spirals are shown on Figure 1, as V1 and V2. The thick line connecting the two extremities is the link in this vortex.

Here are details on the vortex:

V1 - negative spiral

Size: 4 m diameter
Energy level: (-) 2.5 MB
Height: 170 m
Depth: -200 m


V2 - positive spiral

Size: 5.7 x 5 m
Energy level: (+) 2.7 MB
Height: 150 m
Depth: -190 m



Rise time: 50 s
Rest time: 40 s
Fall time: 1 min.


Figure 3: Chimneys layout


Figure 4: Vortex representation
(credit to S. Cardinaux)

Figure 5: Spiral from a vortex
(credit to S. Cardinaux)


The high energy level at kibbutz Nir David, apparently over-rides any existing negativity caused by underground water or faults. The location of certain buildings and homes, constructed over or near the chimneys and vortex, or their energetic links, accounts for the long life of some of the inhabitants. The average energy level for homes located on the southern side of the river is about 35,000 Bovis, a high level for a home. Those on the northern side of the river average 25,000 Bovis. In either case, the level is quite high.
In particular, the home for the elderly was built exactly over one of the chimneys, thereby providing a protective envelope for the occupants, allowing them to extend their life significantly.

The meaning of this site

My friend Géèma performed a communication with his source (channeling). The following is the partial transcription of the channeling:

"You are in front of the aerial view [Figure 1] of this magic site called Nir David. This site is magic because it is symbolized by the endlessness of infinity. If you connect the points [of Figure 1] you will obtain the symbol of infinity, known to many [see Figure 6].


Figure 6: The Infinity symbol


When the layout will resemble a pure infinity symbol (∞), the fullness of this site shall be reached.
In the present situation, people live abnormally long, but their health is sometimes problematic. When the symbol shall be perfect, by equilibrium of energies, you will reach an old age in full health; a total stop to aging; you will have reached a level where you will stop aging.
It is now necessary to make a link with a nearby location: Kursi. Kursi is connected by an energetic link to Nir David and your Lemurian friends do what they can to help."

5 July 2008 - Based on the above, I mentally activated the existing link between Nir David and Kursi. The link is now at 1.1 MB (from 500 kB). The center of all 3 chimneys went up to 9 MB (from 4.5 MB). By the way, this level is slightly higher than that measured at Kursi (8 MB).

Pictures of the chimneys and vortex


This is the location of chimney C.

This is chimney A (see Figure 1). The white elipses limit the actual dimensions of the chimney. Yael Berkovich is in the middle.





Chimney B is located inside the elderly home. The two elipses limit the extend of the chimney. All adjoining rooms have an extremely high energy level.






The location of the positive spiral of vortex V2, is shown by the pole standing on the grass.




The limits of the negative spiral of vortex V1 are shown by the objects layed on the grass. Note that the grass does not grow here, due to the high negativity.

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