A very special house

by Richard Benishai


This article started out to be a report on interesting anomalies. With time it became a sizeable document, demanding a great deal of my time. I am offering you, to take part in a most interesting discovery, described hereafter.
The location of the house is now classified as a highly energy place of Israel. Certain information, such as its location, cannot be disclosed due to restrictions imposed.

The House

June 27, 2008
I visited the house of a friend who lives near Benyamina, here in Israel, to check the energy level and, if necessary, to make corrections. The work was accomplished in 2 hours and the energy level was increased from 9000 units of vitality or Bovis units (read article Energy Parameters)  (12,000 units being neutral) up to 58,000. This is normal for a home, after I have finished to work. Besides four underground currents, I also discovered a cosmo-telluric chimney, an element of nature which tends to lower the energy of the house.
This very negative chimney (-150,000 units), was fortunately located in a storage room.

Once my work was accomplished, I prepared to leave the house and at that moment, my friend pointed out a palm tree in his garden. "This tree harbors more than 30 plants", he said (photo 1). Indeed, it seemed strange, even if I had seen the tree several times before, but without paying any attention.

Suspecting a singularity, I approached the tree with my telescopic antennas. They opened. I measured the energy level : 220,000 units!!
I then discovered that this palm tree was situated exactly on a vortex (a positive spiral of energy, connected via an energy bond to another spiral, this one negative). Read more about vortexes in our article : Chimneys and vortexes.

The direction of the link indicated that the negative spiral is located outside of the property, in a vacant lot.

June 29, 2008
Two days later the owner called to tell me that he found that another palm tree in the front of the property is also located on a vortex. Thus, I returned and took measurements. Correct, there is another vortex, with a positive spiral (220,000 units). This tree also is full of second and even third level growths (photo 2). Since things have a tendency to come in threes, I searched for another link that could connect the first tree to a third. And indeed, there was a link. I discovered the third location: a small and weak tree, barely growing at this place (photo 3).

Unfortunately, at this location, the spiral was negative (- 180,000 units). Using my mental, I transposed the two spirals to obtain at the same location a positive energy level of 200,000 units. Now we have a garden equipped with three positive spirals, all interconnected. The energy link between each one is measured at 160,000 units. While basing myself on a case similar to this one, but on a larger scale, ( Kibbutz Nir David ), I looked inside the house for the center of the three spirals. Once the center located, it measures quite high. Mentally I activate this center and I measure it at 1,400,000 units!! I am persuaded that this house, with the singularities shown in Figure 1, will play an important part in the near future.

July 15, 2008
Time has passed and we have returned from a study in Alma, a village in the north of Israel. Upon our return, I measure the energy levels of the house and the results are simply astounding:

* The tree besides the house, has increased to 1.4 million, and now has a diameter of 8.5 m. The height the spiral has reached 72 m and it has a depth of 60 m.
* The small shrub is now at a level of 1.3 million. The diameter of the spiral has reached 9.10 m. Its height is 72 m and its depth reaches 55 m.
* The tree in front of the house also benefited from the change. The vibratory level around the tree is 1.3 million. The diameter of the spiral is 10.65 m and its height is still at 72 m. The depth is similar to the others: 55 m.

Measuring the center of the house, we obtain 1.3 million with a diameter of 5.3 m. The height of the energy at this place is 150 m; the depth is 115 m.

July 18, 2008
I have returned to retrieve the GPS I had forgotten in my friend's car. I take two measurements:

1. The energy level of the house only: 300,000 units.
2. The center of the house: 7 million units.

The diameter of the spirals continues to increase.

July 19, 2008
From my home, in Netanya, I measure 10 million for the center and the entire house is at 390,000 units.

July 21, 2008
The center is still at 10 million. The spirals have reached 3 million each. The house is at 400,000 units.

July 22, 2008
So as to have an idea of what is going on, I evaluated the house from the point of view of "kind of world". These types of worlds parallel our energy fields: physical, etheric, astral, mental, causal, spiritual and divine.

  • 3 months ago (in May), this house was on the physical level
  • The day when I activated the 3 spirals, the level went up to the etheric world..
  • Today this house measures on the level of the divine. This level is characteristic of large cathedrals.

From an energy point of view: as of this date, the entire property vibrates at 280,000 units, which is simply amazing for a property. The house by itself is even more energetic: 340,000 units. The focal point of the 3 chimneys, located in the living room is at 11 million units!
The color-vibration of this place passed from orange (negative) 3 months ago, to white (the most positive color).

By measuring the various singularities, we obtain what is shown in Figure 2:

Focal point (chimney in the middle of the living room) has a diameter of 9.40 m. The height of the chimney is 170 m and its depth is 130 m.

Spiral A (close to the bedroom)
World: causal
Color-vibration: ultra-violet
Energy: 5 million units
Height of the spiral: 120 m
Depth: 90 m
Diameter: 27.40 m

Spiral B (close to the main gate)
World: causal
Color-vibration: ultra-violet
Energy: 4.5 million units
Height of the spiral: 140 m
Depth: 115 m
Diameter: 22 m

Spiral C (close to the small shrub)
World: causal
Color-vibration: ultra-violet
Energy: 4 million units
Height of the spiral: 110 m
Depth: 85 m
Diameter: 19.40 m

July 25, 2008
I visit my friend with an idea that I had in my head for the past two days. I stand in the focal center and I pronounce four times the words for the four basic elements (water, air, earth and fire) in a language older than 100,000 years, used by the Hathors (1). During this process, I feel energies never felt until now. My friend, sitting on the side, said he had heart palpitations.

The energy is measured once again:
The focal point stands at 18 million units (not of this world!)
The entire house: 2 million units.
The entire property: 600,000 units.
World: mental

August 10, 2008
For our very last measurements, we obtained following values:

The entire property vibrates at 700,000 units.
The house by itself has a level of 2 million units (comparable with a cathedral).

Spiral A (close to the bedroom)
World: spiritual (38)
Color-vibration: ultra-violet
Energy: 19 million units
Height of the spiral: 145 m
Depth: 120 m
Diameter: 28.50 m

Spiral B (close to the main gate)
World: spiritual (38)
Color-vibration: ultra-violet
Energy: 19 million units
Height of the spiral: 128 m
Depth: 105 m
Diameter: 24 m

Spiral C (close to the small shrub)
World: spiritual (38)
Color-vibration: ultra-violet
Energy: 15 million units
Height of the spiral : 130 m
Depth: 115 m
Diameter: 24 m

Focal point D (in the center)
World: divine (49)
Color-vibration: white
Energy: 28 million units
Height of the chimney : 230 m
Depth: 178 m
Diameter: 19.6 m

These values are fantastic ! I have never heard of or measured such energies ! The drawing of the present state of this house is presented in Figure 3.
By examining the ratios of various dimensions and diameters, I obtained several musical notes :

30 dia. B/26 dia. C = 1.153   RE = 1.125
27.8 (C-B)/19.46 (C-A) = 1.43   SOL = 1.5
48.3 height. A/31 dia. A = 1.558   SOL = 1.5
42.8 height. C/26 dia. C = 1.646   LA = 1.666
26 dia. C/20 dia. D = 1.3   FA = 1.333
31 dia. A/20 dia. D = 1.55   SOL = 1.5
30 dia. B/20 dia. D = 1.5   SOL = 1.5


This house is indeed on my list of high-energy sites in Israel. It may play a very important part of our future. It is quite possible that soon we will be able to discover its true significance.

Photograph 1 (a, b, c)
Three views of the tree located in the back



Photograph 2
Palm tree in front of the house

Photograph 3 The negative place in the back

Figure 1: Plan of the property with singularities (June 29, 2008)

Figure 2: Details of the energetic elements (July 22, 2008)

Figure 3: Final configuration; the entire house is covered (August 10, 2008)

(1) Hathors : In the antic egypt mythology, Hathor was formerly a celest goddess. Her name means House of the God Horus , what made this goddess become the wife of the falcon-like god. The Hathors are a group of inter-dimensional beings who come from an ascended intergalactic civilization. As they once helped ancient Egypt and Tibet, they have now returned to assist humanity's current evolution <<Back
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