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by Richard Benishai


Kursi is an ancient church and monastery, dating back to the 5th century. In the close by hill (see Figure 1), it is said that Jesus performed the Miracle of the Swine, mentioned in the New Testament. What is super special about this place: Kursi has a very high level of energy. The reason for this exceptional level was a mystery, until now.

In this article, the mystery is uncovered.

Figure 1: Kursi Church with the site of the Miracle of the Swines, in the background
Figure 1: Kursi Church with the site of the Miracle of the Swines, in the background

Explanation on energy levels
Bovis is a unit of vitality, with 12,000 B being a neutral location. Normal numbers in homes, range between 1000 B (very negative) and 35-40 thousands B.
Color is either electric phase (negative for our health) or magnetic phase (beneficial). Each color has a meaning.
C/T is the ratio of Cosmic (from above) to Telluric or Earth (from below) energies. If the ratio is equal to one (7/7, 6/6, 12/12, 1/1, etc...), then the energies are equalized and the location is energetic.
Vibration plane corresponds to the aura energetic bodies, starting with Physical plane (1- 7) and ending with the Divine plane (43 - 49).

About Kursi

Kursi is located on the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee (see Figure 2). The buildings described by this document were discovered only in 1970. There is a church/monestary forming a building and a bath house, located nearby. This combination of church and nearby bath house is the only one in existence. We dated the construction at 442 ACE.

Figure 2: Kursi on the Sea of Galilee
Figure 2: Kursi on the Sea of Galilee

A very high  energy point

I first visited this location in February 2005 with my brother. A few months later, there was interest from the National Parks Authority to publicize this site, based on an article I wrote. Thereafter, the media made a short movie on this site for TV showing.
Looking at Figure 3, there is a tree, with two wooden benches located under it. We were told that this area was special. We had no idea how special, until I measured it. Now to give you an idea about energy levels: when working in the Cathedral of Strasbourg or Notre Dame of Paris, the highest levels I measured there, were around 2.3 to 2.5 million Bovis units. A healthy and energetic house may have something around 30-40 thousands Bovis units, typically.
As we stood in front of the benches, I tried to measure the level there. I had to increase the scale, up and up until I reached a scale in the millions. That location gave me an 8 million Bovis reading !!!!  Standing there, I had a feeling that I was going up, floating.

Figure 3: Overall plan of buildings in Kursi

A few days after our visit there, I asked a friend who does channeling to find out why this location is so energetic. A week later, he came back with the following results.

"This location was visited in the past, by extra-terrestrials entities. There was [and still is] a huge crystal there. Many great changes were caused to this location by their coming. This place was used by spiritual people to charge themselves, so as to treat and heal others. Most likely Jesus used this place to charge himself and heal people".

The Overall Layout

Looking at Figure 3, we can see the bath house with water entering the area and being heated into steam (Figure 4). Under the bath house there is an underground stream, at a depth of 83 meters, with a capacity of 600 liters/hour. The direction of flow is to the church. Next to this stream, there is a high energy line or Ley line, 3 meters wide. This line carries a 1.1 million Bovis energetic level. Both the stream and the Ley line, run under the Monastery/Church and near the two benches.

Figure 4: Steam generation pools in the bath house
Figure 4: Steam generation pools in the bath house

In technical terms, the area under the tree and the two benches, has the following parameters, as measured on the relevant graphs:

  • Vibration plane: Divine (the highest on the scale)
  • C/T ratio of Cosmos to Earth energies: 12/12
  • Magnetic field: 100%
  • Type of location: exceptional
  • High Vibratory Location: 2000
  • ...and the vibration level, as mentioned: 8 million Bovis units.

At that same location, there was also what I thought to be a chimney which made dowsing rods spin like mad (see Figure 5).

Figure 5: Finding a chimney near the benches
Figure 5: Finding a high-level spot near the benches

The Church

The church and monastery are shown in the layout of Figure 6. Physically, the church was built in the traditional style for this period. The electromagnetic lines (Hartmann and Curry) were moved by the builders to be exactly under the centers of the columns (2). This is the same technique used in all churches, synagogues and cathedrals in Europe and in Israel.

Figure 6: Energetic mapping of the church

When first entering the monastery, I measured a 26,000 Bovis level. In the immediate courtyard (1), there were two underground cisterns for storing water (see Figure 7).

Figure 7: Underground cisterns in the courtyard
Figure 7: Underground cisterns in the courtyard

From the entrance, an underground stream runs down the middle of the site, all the way to the altar (3), in the very rear. At the entry to the church, I measured the energy level at 110,000 Bovis units. At the altar (3), the following energy parameters were obtained:

  • Energy level: 1.2 million Bovis units
  • 75% magnetic level
  • Energy color and phase: Indigo magnetic
  • High Vibratory Location: 450
  • Type of location: very strong

At the altar, there was also a high-energy point that I took for a chimney.

The underground stream which passed under the bath house and the tree/benches also runs under the baptistery (Figure 8). I checked the energy level at this location: 1 million Bovis. By mentally activating the bath, I obtained 2.1 million Bovis units. Most likely the bath was activated in the past, by prayers and chanting, thereby empowering the followers with great energy.

Figure 8: Baptistery
Figure 8: Baptistery


Kursi revisited

In February 2008, I went again to visit Kursi, this time with a friend, who does spontaneous channeling while alert. Géèma (his channeling name) is also a geobiologist. He has the special ability to see the invisible to the naked eye.
At first, Géèma took a measure of the energy level at the location of the two benches. He confirmed the readings I had made, three years prior. He then sat down on the stone near the benches and started to write. His writing was spontaneous, while in mental contact with his usual source (his "family"). The transcript of this communication follows.

"You are located on a center of revitalization of a Lemurian (*1) city that is visible only in the 5th dimension. Richard, who is with you, is the one who discovered this site for the first time [2000 years ago]. Richard was then one of Jesus followers' and his name was Yohanah.

This site is composed of 5 hyper-active crystals (see Figure 9). The central crystal receives the energies of the four others. Each crystal brings a different energy, which when mixed with the energy of the central crystal (located under the stone in front of the two benches), creates a divine and cosmic energy. On this site there is a building with a dome and various rooms. The Lemurians do not age when they come to rest over the central crystal.

In the 5th dimension, time has no meaning and even if the bodies are material, the material composing the body, is lighter than that of humans (
*2). At this level, the control of matter-energy and vice-versa is total. This allows for perfect health without aging. They can also use teleportation among all Lemurian sites. Before 2012, you shall meet with your Lemurian brothers who are impatiently awaiting the moment."

In Figure 9, there are five locations defined, each showing the position of a crystal, the depth of each crystal and its planet of origin. This work was done with a pendulum and with a pair of telescopic antennas. I took into account that all outside crystals were tied into the center crystal and looked for the connecting line further and further from the center. Then, I walked back on the energy line until I detected the exact location of the crystal.
By the way, it is no use digging for these crystals.
They exist only in the 5th dimension!

Figure 9: Location of crystals


*1 Lemuria was an ancient civilization which existed prior to and during the time of Atlantis. Physically, it is believed that Lemuria existed largely in the Southern Pacific, between North America and Asia/Australia. Lemuria is also sometimes referred to as Mu, or the Motherland (of Mu). At its peak of civilization, the Lemurian people were both highly evolved and very spiritual. While concrete physical evidence of this ancient continent may be difficult to find, many people "know" that they have a strong connection to Lemuria. Back

*2 For a very long time before the fall in consciousness, the Lemurians lived in a fifth dimensional frequency or dimension, and were able to switch back and forth from fifth to third at will, without any problem. It could be done whenever it was desired, by intention and the energies of the heart. Back

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