Articles - Geobiology and Feng-Shui

by Richard Benishai


It seems that for always man has been preoccupied with the influence of his environment on his life and on his health. We have living proof in civilizations such as that of China or India, who are involved with modern technology and yet are soaked by thousands years of tradition.

Thousands of years ago, the Vastu Shastra was imported to China from India, providing the base for Feng-Shui.

Feng-Shui or Chinese geomancy and the Indian Vastu Shastra, are traditional sciences which have based their laws on observations made over thousands of years, which have been verified, tested and refined during centuries, by multiple applications.

Once, only the Emperor and his court could use Feng-Shui. Businessmen traveling in the Far East noted the efficiency of this science and quickly adopted it. Today this discipline is spread world- wide, with thousands of practitioners.

The basic notion of energy is one we have been conditioned to understand with our minds. There is another type of energy: that which circulates between the earth and the cosmos, that which causes all movements, changes, transformations of our environment and of our self. This is the energy that our ancestors understood and adjusted, via colors, forms, sounds, and even their senses and organs.

The energy in our body circulates according to a preset and constant plan. When we become ill, it is because this energy is blocked or it does not circulate freely. With the help of acupuncture, a skilled person can act at precise locations on the body, so as to free this energy.

In the same line, an adept in Feng-Shui knows where to intervene, only by observing the environment. Using a few rules, he can unblock the situation in our home. The energy once again flows smoothly, in a balanced and harmonious way and often brings beneficial changes in our way of living and in our life.

Geobiology, Feng-Shui and Vastu Shastra are all concerned with the relationship of man and his environment, but each one has a different starting point.

Geobiology, a modern science, mainly deals with the effects our environment has on our health. Our state of health can influence all other areas of our being. Also, a strong physical and mental state improves the growth of our conscience.

Feng-Shui directs us to harmonization with the world of fine energies, which take source in the elements, movements and rhythms of nature. Our health, our success and the feeling of being one, all depend from this harmonization.

Vastu Shastra from the very start, asks man to put himself in a central position, tying him to the source of all energy. By positioning this center within his living space, man acquires the means to become the center, himself. By doing so, he dwells in a state of peace and tranquility, allowing him to rightly fulfill his fate.

Three different starting points: the first is physical, the second is subtle and the third is spiritual. Their targets are identical: to assist man in blossoming within his whole human nature.

The sciences of Feng-Shui and of Vastu Shastra, like Geobiology, are concerned to give a place to the dwelling, among those factors which condition health, well-being and the blossoming of man. Both Feng-Shui and Vastu Shastra can bring to Geobiology a widening of its horizons, through a new vision of man within the game of universal energies.

A concrete example

Feng-Shui teaches us how to influence the development of our life, how to swim using the power of the current, instead of struggling against its flow. However, Feng-Shui is to be used in coordination with Geobiology that studies the underground and the impact of its vertical energies. If your bed is located between the door and the window, a situation forbidden by Feng-Shui, one is not to relocate it over a fault or underground stream, since these have a destructive effect on the human body. Faults route Gamma rays, from the Earth's mantle. Gamma rays have a strong ionizing effect (free radicals). Underground streams cause electrostatic fields that disturb our endocrine glands and weaken our immunization.

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