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by Richard Benishai


Our entire universe is full of energy fields and vibrations. We and the environment we live / work are constantly affected by each other's vibrations, since our thoughts are energy and vibrations. The quality of any place can be qualitatively measured by checking certain parameters, such as: basic vibrating level, magnetism, color wave form and ratio of cosmos to earthly energies. All measurement levels can be acquired using a pendulum and related graphs.

Basic Vibrations

The vibrations (energy) of any location can be measured in terms of Bovis units, named in relation with Alfred Bovis's work (1871-1947). These units are used to indicate the vitality of a place or of an object, that of food, or the health of a person. The Bovis scale (measured in Angstroms) measures the size of wavelengths of light particles or Bio-photons which are invisible light particles.
Up to several years ago, the vitality of the planet was measured at 6500 Bovis units. Then, a few years ago, this number shot up to 10,000 units. Today, the Earth is vibrating at 12,000 units. This level is for a neutral location, which does not take or give energy. I have measured as low as zero Bovis units for places crissed- crossed with underground streams and/or faults. Usually, standing on an underground stream will bring a reading of 4000 Bovis units. Usually, after completing a clearing, the energy of a house may reach 60,000 Bovis.


Man stands between earth (-) and skies (+). The energy received from each must be equal in order for the person to be influenced energetically equally. However, due to man- made or due to natural causes, the environment is usually unbalanced. It is sufficient to live in a concrete building to have beneficial cosmic and ground energies blocked, while allowing harmful energies to pass. Underground abnormalities, such as faults, caverns or streams, can also generate highly negative locations.
The ratio of Cosmic to Earth energy (C/T) is to be equal to one for a properly balanced location.

Wave Forms

Wave fields are generated by all vibrating elements. These fields influence our health by resonating with our cells which act as oscillating circuits. The fields so created, resonate over the entire spectrum of colors, some visible, others not. The spectrum is further divided into electric and magnetic phases. Research has shown that a color in the magnetic phase is beneficial to man, whereas a color in the electric phase causes harm.

Some examples of wave form colors:

  • White (magnetic) represents a spiritual location.
  • Green positive (not a color) corresponds to a sacred or beneficial location.
  • Red (electric) corresponds to suffering or destruction of the place by fire.
  • Green negative (not a color) is found at locations where people were tortured or sacrificed. It is also the color wave form for a location where underground stream and pathogenic networks meet.
  • Black (electric) represents death.

Magnetic Field

We are always submerged in the Earth's magnetic field. This field is essential for our well being. Any location with less than 100% magnetic field is accordingly detrimental to our health. I have noted that the presence of underground streams reduces the level of the magnetic field and generates electric-phased wave form colors. Once the influence of the streams is nullified, by earth acupuncture, the magnetic field rises and the wave form color phase changes to magnetic.

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