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It has been noted that for some people, especially for the sensitive ones, that after working in a geopathic zone, they start to feel uneasy. This state of being, is usually translated to headaches, changes in blood pressure or for some, problems with the heart. All are difficult to define.

These dowsers should pay particular attention to the above symptoms. There are indeed means to protect their health while working with pendulums or dowsing rods (L or Y rods). This area has been widely ignored by most dowsers. What is for sure is: that long term and intensive dowsing can weaken and tire the body, when searching for negative or pathogenic zones.

When dowsing, we are bypassing natural body defenses. We mentally connect ourselves to vibrations we are searching and as a result, we absorb these vibrations. It has been proven by research that these vibrations affect the pituitary gland and our reaction time. This research and its results have no significant medical value. What is for certain, is that there are changes in our energetic body, when dowsing. Since these changes occur when dealing with geopathic locations, we cannot deny that there is a negative feedback on the body.

What are these reactions?
First there are all types of fatigue indications. The heart rate can be sped up or there can be difficulties in breathing impediments or weakness in the eyes. Sometimes, there can be dizziness. Working for long periods can also cause dehydration.
Based on these signs, we need to establish limits not to exceed.

Verification using the Bovis Scale

Using a pendulum, we can measure body vibrations. The body vibrates at about 12,000 Bovis units. Lesser values signify weakness and even illness. It is recommended to take these measures prior to and during the dowsing. Atmospheric conditions can also affect some individuals negatively. Certain drugs can have a negative impact on the dowsing results, especially drugs for mental problems, pain relievers and sedatives, and in particular all drugs which disturb driving. Alcohol is included.

Take dowsing measurements only when physically fit and spiritually balanced.
Physical and psychic stress, do not allow dowsing work to be done. When dowsing, do not touch your elbows to your body.

Among the protection means to be considered:

  1. Protection from dangerous radiation
  2. Preventing this radiation from penetrating the body
  3. Means which significantly reduce the radiation
  4. Those which drain the radiation from the body

Our imagination is an important tool for protection and recharging.
The starting point is our strong belief that our mind can control matter; that our spirit, our thoughts, our imagination and our will can influence the body. The level of influence is determined by our power of concentration and our experience.

Our imagination has great powers. Using his imagination, the dowser surrounds himself with a protective sphere. The sphere allows all required information to go through, but prevents harmful radiation from penetrating.

Aside of the mental protection, yellow amber has proved to be of great help to dowsers. Its basic vibration has good protection capability and can revitalize the body. Prior to using the dowsing rods or the pendulum, rub a rough stone (not polished), between your hands, then breath in the odor. The stone is carried in your shirt or in your pants. In addition, you can rub the stone against the forehead, your temples, the cervical area and even on the inside of your wrists.

Removing radiation from your body using dowsing rods

Rotate 3 to 5 times, the rods over your head or in front of your body, imagining that all negative radiation is pulled out of your body. After that you must re-energize the Y-rods, as necessary after each dowsing. Hold the rods against the ground, against a wall, against a water pipe, to ground the energies. Do not allow the rods to come in contact with your body or carry them in your pocket.

Using a tree to draw out radiation

Touch the tree with 2 hands (grounding), then hug the tree and touch it with your forehead. Pine trees are good. The process is increased by deep breaths. Another method is to lean your back on a tree, touching the trunk with your left hand placed on the small of your back. Your right hand is touching the solar plexus.

More tips

  • A long shower after dowsing removes harmful radiation from the body. Since the energy comes through the feet, pay close attention to your feet.
  • Precious stones are good for regeneration of energy and removing negative energy. Hold the stone in two hands and hold your hands under running water.

These protection means are to be supplemented by adequate eating habits, rich in vitamins and proteins, especially vegetarian. For the dowser, it is important to drink sufficiently (mineral water or herb teas).

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