Articles - A "safe" location for your home

by Richard Benishai

Ancient Rome

In the ancient days, the Romans would build their home on a carefully selected location. To do so, they would divide their land into several fenced sections, each section containing a number of cows or other grazing animal. After a year's time they would select a single animal from each parcel, sleigh the beast and look at its entrails for signs of cancer growth or such deformations.

That was long ago...

Nowadays, we hold onto other criteria, such as : price, convenient location (schools, shopping malls, public transportation, etc…) and factors which are related with the architecture. Unfortunately, the Earth does influence our health. Thus, proper selection of land and optimum location of our house is critical.


Geobiology is the study of how the Earth influences all living matter (man, animal and vegetable). Among the numerous elements which influence man and are covered by Geobiology, we can account for expected and unexpected conditions.

As related to expected conditions which influence our house, we have Hartmann and Curry lines. These are electromagnetic lines covering the entire globe. The lines can be measured using expensive electronic equipment or simpler dowsing rods. The lines themselves are considered dangerous, with the locations of their crossings posing a huge health problem.

Unexpected elements are in the form of underground water, cracks and large spaces. All of these will greatly amplify the negative influence of the lines, in most cases causing serious health problems. An underground water stream, even at a depth of 300-500 meters will cause illness, should our bed be located over it. The same can be said for cracks and spaces. When performing a study of the land for optimum building location, I cover the length and width using dowsing rods, searching for the mentioned elements. If underground water is detected, then it is identified and marked. Using a simple technique, I proceed to block the stream and this even at a depth of up to 300 meters. I teach these techniques in workshops or as a guest speaker of Feng Shui courses.

For cracks, the process is different. Here, I call for help, asking Mother Nature and her assistants to pitch in and reverse the negative influence caused by the crack. The same goes for underground spaces.

Other negative influences

When erecting your building, look around. How close are you to a radio station, a mobile/cellular phone antenna ? How far is the nearest high voltage transmission line ? We are influenced by electromagnetic radiation levels over 2-3 milliGauss (possible cancer growth). Considering a power line of 200-400 thousand volts, the radiation measured at a distance of 100-120 meters is 27 milliGauss ! Here again, the forces of Nature can help.

How about Radon gas? Brought about by the continuous decay of radioactive elements, deep in the earth, this gas can rise through underground cracks and enter our homes, via the basement. There are several techniques for preventing the leaks of this gas to enter our lungs: adequate ventilation, sealing of the floor surface, having a double floor, etc...

Building close or over a cemetery is a problem, unless dealt with. The same can be said about erecting a multi-story building over what used to be a trash collection site.
When building your home, carefully select your contractor and his workers. Their energy (good or bad) will be imprinted into your walls.


The home you are about to build or live in is a summation of all surrounding elements. There are several aspects and elements to be considered when locating living spaces. For a harmonious life, deal with them all.

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