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by Richard Benishai


Geobiology is a research whose primary aim is to detect unsuspected harmful influences, which really exist in all areas of our lives, within our homes or in our neighborhood and which affect all living organisms.
Once these negative influences are detected, Geobiology looks for adequate means to definitively neutralize these influences, so as to live in harmony with the universe.

Geobiology is a new science for the 20th century man, but in fact, it was well known in the ancient times by the Chinese and especially the Tibetans, where it reached a high level of understanding.
For the modern-day man, it all started with Mr. Hartmann (German) and Mr. Curry (Swiss), two conventional doctors whom in (1950 and 1953) independently discovered that our planet is crisscrossed by mysteriously lines. Apparently, the Chinese knew about these "Dragon Lines" for several thousands of years, as, as they are known in Feng Shui. In this short document, I shall attempt to open this subject in a very general manner, in order to expose its various facets.


What are these lines, where do they come from and how do they relate to you and me?

First, consider the Earth as a great big ball. We live on the upper crust. In its center there is another huge ball composed of two types of metals: iron and nickel. This ball is in a state of fusion at a very high temperature, close to 4500 °C. This high temperature, together with the rotation of the external crust (on which we live), causes electromagnetic waves to be generated. These waves can be felt or detected as "lines". That is what Hartmann and Curry detected back then. Today, most everyone can use dowsing rods to locate these lines. Or if you have a budget like NASA, you can special-order an electronic detector and special antennas to locate the very same lines.

Sketchy details about the "lines"

Hartman lines: These lines run South/North and West/East. When dowsed, they appear spaced about 2 to 2.5 meters, depending on their direction. These lines are created by the huge mass of nickel present in the central core. Although the lines are only 2 cm wide, their range of influence is about 20 cm.

Curry lines: Curry lines are at 45 degrees relative to Hartman lines. They are spaced 3 to 8 meters apart and their zone of influence is about 40 to 50 cm.

These lines affect our lives, by weakening our immunity system and by affecting our organs. After some years of sleeping - night after night - over the same spot, we become ill. Illness can be as trivial as a restless night or as fatal as a cancerous growth in some part of the body.

In my experience with energetic clearing, I ran across some interesting cases, some of which are mentioned hereafter.

At a friend's house in a nearby village
I looked for lines of both types, located and identified them and blocked them with metal rods. The woman of the house had her office in the shelter and was sitting exactly on a Curry crossing! The clearing prevented health problems in the future. The work was purely physical and required a hard day's work, digging the hard ground and inserting the rods. Thirty one locations all around, in order to block the lines.

Working with Nature Spirits
A woman living around Haifaasked for a clearing as she "felt" uncomfortable in her own home. Her home was located in a two-story building, with her apartment on the top floor. Her husband died of cancer nine years previously. Checking her bedroom I told her that there was a Hartman crossing at a certain location, far from her bed. She then proceeded to explain that previously her bed was there and that her husband occupied the location I had indicated for the crossing. Then she added that her mother-in-law also died of cancer about the same time and that she slept in the same location, on the first floor. The clearing process with the help of Nature Spirits (refer to Working with Nature) was relatively quick and effortless. A few days later, she called to tell me how good she now felt.

Encountering trapped souls
I was referred to an elderly couple living in Lod, by a friend. My friend told me that, using Bio-Energy, she counted no less than 29 souls on the property and another 120 in the general area. In Lod, the lady told me that while sitting at night she would see figures going by and hear strange noises. With her help and her husband's cooperation, we did the clearing, part of it using a Golden Pyramid (actually two pyramids, back-to-back, in the form of a tetrahedron). Apparently, the process was effective as the measurement went down to 0% from 100% for "trapped spirits wanting to be released".
After a few days, the lady was thrilled as everything was quiet then.

An entire settlement!
An acquaintance from a previous workshop, lives not too far from Modein, a large town between Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem. He reported numerous cases of cancer, accidents, separations and divorces. Most of the people were young (34 to 37). He also mentioned such illnesses as blood diseases, joint inflammations, bone disease, typical ailments caused by geopathic stress. Additionally, development in the area was just stuck.
Together with my friend, we did four locations around the settlement. Back at my friend's house, located in the center of the settlement, we checked and found the place to be clean of negative energies.
A couple of weeks after the clearing, things started moving again for the place. Today, my friend reports that since then, he has heard of no one becoming ill or dying, and that, administrative matters have been settled.

The Dolphinarium Discotheque
Having gathered a group of former geobiology students, we went to the sad place where some months before, a Palestinian blew himself up, taking with him a number of youngsters, waiting outside, in line, to enter the famous discotheque. Several of us took measurements of various negative energies and checked for "trapped souls wanting to be released". Several of us found 21; this is the exact number of deaths caused by the suicide bomber. The souls were released by the clearing process (working with elementals and nature spirits) and may they now rest in peace.

Along the same lines as for the Dolphinerium, a different volunteer group was convened at Beit Lid, a location not far from Natanyah. This was the first major suicide bombing, several years ago, which took a large number of young soldiers.
A week later, another terrorist blew himself in his car near the same location at Beit Lid. No damaged was caused, except for the terrorist who died. Coincidence? Perhaps...

Another typical case of the Earth influencing our health
Not far from Petah Tikva, a major city in the center, resides someone who called on me. The lady felt that the house they lived in was far from ideal. The first thing was to dowse the location, around the property. There was water running under the house at about 160 meter depth. While checking the bedroom, I found a crossing of Hartmann lines over the bed. The husband slept there for the past twelve years and had numerous operations in the area of his knees and always suffers there.

A close parent in the family influenced by the lines
A growth was discovered in her brain, showing as a white spot on the CT scanner.. I dowsed a crossing over one of the pillows and found out later that the same relative had been sleeping for 22 years at that location.

A scary one
A friend and Geobiology graduate, asked me to undertake a project in Jaffo. I was hesitant at first, since I call on people to volunteer for public and not private clearings, but later on I was convinced that the matter here at hand, was very public. It concerned a building in the city of Jaffa, where a friend of the Geobiology graduate lived. The fellow said that the entire area is very gloom, that people are constantly depressed (even children) and to top it off, almost everyone in his building was ill with cancer. Arriving at the location, I felt a lot of pressure and sensed that the building was very problematic. I went straight to the 7th floor where the man lived. I was amazed by the results of the measurements: almost every type of negative energy was 90 or 100%. These were the highest readings ever!!! Using my pendulum, I asked for how many trapped spirits were present in the area. The answer: 5735.

Some background about the location - the building and neighboring ones were constructed over Muslim graveyards. That in itself is a no-no. Then, we were told by channeling that people died there from the times of the Egyptians (Pharaohs), through the Greeks, the Turks, the French (with Napoleon), the Arabs during the war of 1948 and who knows who else?

The man living in the building mentioned that 3 neighbors jumped to their death in his building, as well as 2 more in adjacent buildings.

After 3 months of planning 16 of us gathered for the clearing on the 3/2/02. The process was very lengthy and complex, not to mention dangerous. Indeed, some entities do not like changes and sometimes attack the psyche of the dowser(s)/ Geobiologist. We were well protected and everything went smoothly.

Several months later, the person living in the building reported that people were more relaxed and that the general climate was good.We recently learned (12/2004), through channeling, that the clearing was successful. With such success, we also went to the old city of Jaffo to do a clearing. In the old city, there were less trapped souls, these mostly from the days of Napoleon leaving his troops dying (about 3500).

A later case, also involving water.
Around the Tel-Aviv area, I was asked to come to someone who suffered a masectomy. The lady said that people on both sides of her street were afflicted with cancer. I checked her house for water and found a 3.5-meter wide underground stream, which indeed flowed under the bedroom of the houses for the entire street. Checking the other side of the street, I also found another stream. Underground water causes serious health problems (refer to Handling Underground Water).
Checking the bedroom, I found a Hartmann crossing over the exact spot where the lady slept. The combination of water and pathogenic lines is very dangerous.

In conclusion

Eventhough, I am dealing with this science for several years, I continue to dig in and look into the subject and related fields. There is a lot of material out there to learn and investigate. What I have learned, I try to pass on to others, during workshops or courses I set up once in a while.
Amazingly, there is a lack of indifference for the subject, no matter how critical it can be. People relate to it like to cigarette smoking: they know it is not good for them, but they continue to smoke.
My hope is that some day enough persons will admit that the Earth does influence our lives and recognize the negative effects on our health, so as to do something about it.

Until then, Hartmann and Curry lines will remain abstract ideas for most.

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