Articles - 18 Hi-energy places in Israel, the How and Why

by Richard Benishai

It started at the cathedral of Strasbourg, France. I did research in this fascinating building, dating back to 1200 ACE, finding there all types of interesting singularities underground: water streams, faults, etc.. I spent altogether several days there, each time I traveled to France. I visited also the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. And of course, my work on Neuwiller-les-Saverne, is not to be passed over lightly.
Returning to Israel and discussing these interesting locations with relatives and/or friends, I heard a number of times: "Why not study synagogues in Israel?"

The problem with ancient synagogues is that they no longer stand complete or in good shape. It is difficult to properly work on these remains, whereas churches in France, even dating back to 800 ACE, are in excellent condition. Nevertheless, I found out about a number of locations to investigate in Israel and I started. For my first field trip, I was accompanied by my brother and we drove to the Kineret, to visit surrounding sites.

The first location visited was Kursi (1), followed by Kurazim and Katsrin, all on the same day. Thereafter, I searched for Rujm-el-Hiri (2) with my son, and had to go there 3 times to find this "difficult-to-reach" location.

And then I flew to the Ivory Coast, where I met my friend Géèma. This fellow is a keen medium, who channels with "his family". When he returned to Israel we met and we started traveling together. During his transmissions, we were told:

"That our meeting [in the Ivory Coast] was not accidental, but directed; and so was my trip to the Ivory Coast. [They mentioned hi-energy locations in Israel, totaling 18 sites]. The number 18 is only a part of the highly energetic sites in Israel, but this number is sufficient for the integration of this country into its region. For us [Géèma's family] the Earth is a major entity, composed of regions on the energetic level and not of countries where frontiers change according to man and history. All total, there are 5 such regions covering the Middle East. The Earth is an entity whose energetic body is composed of capillaries, veins and arteries. The planet is fed by cosmic energy, part of which comes back to you as telluric energy [ground energy]. The Earth as a body moves (unfortunate for you) [earthquakes] and breathes."

Also, for us to grasp a better understanding of this entire project, Géèma received:

"We can already tell you that the 18 hi-energy points are all interconnected, just like the points in the tree of life [Kabala] are connected at various levels. It is reasonable that Richard, through his efforts, shall start to find the connections among the sites. The simple fact of connecting these points mentally and/or on paper will help you to understand the complexity of what we are helping you to do. We want to help you conceive the canals and the veins in your country, which are connected to other regions, other territories and other countries. You will note that once vital energies flow freely, the regions are at peace. The final goal is to unplug the twisted canals, using the strength of certain energies.

To better comprehend, here is an analogy:
If a water pipe becomes bent or twisted, it will disconnect from its source and water will spill, flooding the area. If you straighten the pipe, water will flow freely and will reach the intended destination.

Once the twisted canals are straightened out, trees will grow, grass and flowers will spread. There will be peace and serenity. Under these conditions, you will reach infinity, beauty and splendor. We will support you to continue this sacred work, sacred first for humanity and then for the entire universe; brothers on other planes support you also.
The warming of the planet is a phase of necessary purification, because the heating of the atmosphere brings about a melting of snows [and ice], flooding and desertification. But, through the work that you are doing, deserts will bloom and with the help of your rising conscience, you will find once again, harmony on the planet, harmony that is so much needed by the universe.

There are more transcriptions that cannot be revealed, but my goal is clear. This work is the task I was meant to do. It is the reason for which my life took various, incomprehensible turns. This work is real co-creation with Spirit. I will see it to its end.

And so, I have undertaken this journey, locating and studying hi-energy locations. As each one is studied, I write a document which gets published on this site. It is not easy, but we get help from our friends and "The Family".

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