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Richard Benishai

Richard Benishai

Richard Benishai was born in 1943. Having lived in France, in the United States and in Israel, and having worked in different countries from Europe, the Middle East and Far East, he now lives in Spain.

His experience as an Engineer in electronics has allowed for great professional autonomy, for accuracy and scientific rigor, needed in the analysis of complex problems.

Fate has brought him in contact with people and situations, in order to reveal his abilities in working with energies; as a first step: in the field of healing, in the knowledge of paranormal phenomena and in bio energy.

Geobiology, as a discipline intended to improve the lives of human beings, was his opportunity to develop skills and improve a number of techniques and procedures related to this field.

Since 2000, Richard devotes much of his time to study and research in this area. Co-author of publications related to Geobiology, he has already intervened in countries such as Portugal, Holland, United States, Turkey, Côte d'Ivoire, Israel, France and Spain.

The training courses, publications and conferences to promote knowledge of Geobiology, are in fact accomplished in an international context.

"Helping others to exercise their right to live in a healthy environment" : this goal is accomplished by the training of persons or by affecting their environment. In both cases, this site offers solutions that are practical and adaptable to all situations.

To illustrate these possibilities, you will also find some evidence for the expertise, training and products herein.

Currently, Richard Benishai manages several –large scale – projects, on a global scale, with the help of his students.
Convinced that his work is a source of peace among men on this Earth, he pursues this mission with passion.

Member of the European Association for Dowsers / of the Spanish Association for Geobiology Studies / American Society of Dowsers.
He has also founded an Association in Spain for the well-being of the Earth (AEBTI).


Richard Benishai, Geobiologist
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